Healthier Alternatives

I have discovered healthier alternatives to childhood favorites in a brand called Annie’s.  I used to buy these at the Co-op in Isla Vista (Santa Barbara) and found that they now sell them at Target!!!

White Cheddar Bunnies.  They taste just like White Cheddar Goldfish but they are made with whole grain organic wheat and do not contain artificial preservatives or ingredients.

Bunny Graham Friends.  They taste just like Teddy Grahams! They also contain whole grain organic wheat, etc, etc.

Don’t buy them at Vons: they cost $4.50. I almost had a heart attack when I saw the price.  At Target, these run between $1.99-$2.50.  Why not choose the healthier version if they are a comparable price??

About hmmfood

I am an aspiring nurse who funds my love for food by working a serving job. I love eating, trying new recipes, and watching other enjoy my creations!
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