Berry Orange Green Smoothie

I am happy to say that my last post encouraged a friend to try Green Smoothies! She said, “Sipping on a spinach and peach smoothie and it’s surprisingly good!” Just as she can attest, Green Smoothies are pretty good.

Today I didn’t have much fresh fruit so I concocted something out of what I had. Frozen berries, orange juice, spinach, pineapple. This is good for those who like their smoothies slightly tangy.

Hippie Factor: 3/10


1/2 cup frozen mixed berries

Juice of 1 large orange of 1/2 cup of pre-maid orange juice

1.5 cups spinach

1/4 cup pineapple

1/2 cup ice (optional)

Something I have not mentioned before: It is best to put the greens at the bottom of the blender.  If you put them at the top, sometimes you have to push them into the blade to make them combine.  (As you can see, I did not do that today-shame on me.)  Start the vita-mix on variable.  Slowly turn the dial up to 10 and then flip it to high for 30 seconds.

It comes out an army green color.  Not the most appetizing but the taste will make up for it!


About hmmfood

I am an aspiring nurse who funds my love for food by working a serving job. I love eating, trying new recipes, and watching other enjoy my creations!
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