A Less Scary Green Smoothie

My last post was not a proper introduction to “Green Smoothies.” I should have shared something less intimidating as to not scare people away from them.  Therefore, I am posting something that is more drinkable for the general public.

This smoothie has more tang and is not the texture of dirt. 🙂

Hippie factor: 4/10


2 stalks of fresh kale

1 fresh pear

3 strawberries

1/2 banana

1/4 lemon (including peel)

1 Tbsp honey

1 cup water

1 cup ice (optional)

Just as with the last smoothie, start the vita-mix on variable.  Slowly turn the dial up to 10 and then flip it to high for 30 seconds.

I love the color! Also, it’s extremely delicious. Light, sweet, tangy, refreshing.  The lemon really helps to cut down on the taste of raw kale.  Since we are using whole fruits and greens, the texture is a bit grainy but it’s not too hard to get used to.

My friend and I have been obsessed with kale lately- not because it tastes good but because it is incredibly healthy and cleans your colon.  She came over the other day and I made her a slightly different variation of this smoothie.  She wrote me a haiku about our recent food conversations.  It reflects the duality of our food habits;  we both love health foods but still have a weak spot for cheetos and french fries.  Moderation is key, right?

Haiku by: Justine

kale and frozen fruit
my metabolism slow?
now i want cheetos

Enjoy !

About hmmfood

I am an aspiring nurse who funds my love for food by working a serving job. I love eating, trying new recipes, and watching other enjoy my creations!
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4 Responses to A Less Scary Green Smoothie

  1. melissa says:

    yay vitamix! i’ve been doing “green smoothies” for over a year now. pretty much mine are orange juice, frozen banana, cup of some other frozen fruit, and 2 stalks of kale OR enough spinach to fill the blender. you can also through spinach in chocolate smoothies (i don’t taste the difference).

  2. brother says:

    lemon with peel? did u de-seed it as well? ill look into it again cause i thought some of the pith was good (supposed to help absorb the vitamins and nutrients, but all of it not soo much cause it can hurt ur stomach), but again i can be wrong and i know some seeds can be toxic if you consume them in high concentration, obviously not in this case but something to look into

    • hmmfood says:

      Yeah. The peel has the most flavor…thats why people put lemon zest into recipes. I only used a small amount (1/4) lemon so it shouldn’t hurt your stomach. Also, I made sure no seeds went in- no one wants seeds. I don’t know if lemon seeds are toxic but I know that apple seeds can be toxic.

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